Making Aotearoa the Land of Great Fathers

An article by Dave Owens based on his presentation to the Home Birth Aotearoa National Conference at Okurukuru, Taranaki, 2011

That mothers and fathers are important to a child goes without saying. As author and early childhood educator Pennie Brownlee explained - a baby cannot exist without a relationship. We tend to have a cultural assumption that this means the mother/child. So, does the father/child relationship matter? Just how important is the child's relationship with her father?

"Making Aotearoa the Land of Great Fathers" provides a survey of the evidence of the value dads provide to the lives of their children … and why it is important that this relationship starts early.

Three things
Your baby's brain
Crikey! Your own baby
Why babies cry
The Zombie Zone
Sex, Pregnancy and the Home Invasion
Your own Dad