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Processes to Engage Dads

Under construction - please bear with us - we're working on the following topics. Thanks for your patience!

This section will cover:


How Fathers Matter

What Dads Need to Know

Becoming More Dad-Friendly

Services that Engage Fathers

  • the fundamental shift in families

  • the problem with the infant as client approach

  • the myth of the missing man

  • why dads aren't attending

  • systems that keep dads from their infants

  • parenting services perpetuating distant dads

  • including whanau but still missing fathers

  • agencies' natural resistance to change

  • staff concerns about dealing with fathers

  • the downside of deficit targeting

  • "we can't focus on dads because not all children have a father"

  • privacy: the exclusion non-issue

  • strategies for helping men be great fathers

  • inclusive administration

  • prepared staff

  • programme design

  • what works to enrol fathers

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