Downloads and in-print stuff for New Dads

Great Fathers creates resources that are freely available to dads

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Brilliant, simple 8-page fold out (A6). Click on the image to see, click here to request a printed copy.

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44-page comic "New Dads - journey into the unknown" (A5) follow Nathan and Ken through their partners' pregnancies and into dadhood. Click on the image to see, click here to request a printed copy.

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All mailings include these brochures we made in partnership with SKIP and the NZ College of Midwives. They can be ordered from SKIP.


Our "What's It Like to Be a Father?!" musicians Tiki Taane, Warren Maxwell and Sean Donnelly talk about what it's like being dads important things about being a dad. A video in 11 short chapters - humourous and honest. Click on the image to get to the videos.