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Resources to work with  New Dads

Great Fathers creates resources for professionals to use in their work. For "Hey Dad!" and "New Dads - Journey into the Unknown" we have printed copies we can supply to professionals who can use them in their work. We charge a nominal cost recovery for printing and postage.

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Brilliant, concise and simple, this 8-page fold out (A6) is a dad-focused resource that talks directly to dads. Great to have on hand at all time: a handout that you can pass to a dad (or to his partner) to help bring him on-board with his young baby. Click on the image to download, or click here to order printed copies.

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An 16-page (A5) stapled booklet primarily photos and a comic featuring dads. Click on the image to see it on-line. Click here to request printed copies or copies.

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Hey Tane! is being re-edited at the moment and will be available as soon as this is done - thx for your patience.

Tane & Marama are having a baby. This video is set at their band practice and discussion with their friends and whanau about a dad's role with the newborn.

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Our 44-page comic "New Dads - journey into the unknown" (A5). Have a look and consider how you might use these. Having dad-specific resources can show dads that you are serious about them and their needs. Click here to view or download. These are out of print.

Dads Gits 1 image.jpg

A simple activity that professionals working with families can use to engage dads. This short activity explores specifically why dads matter and what involved, nurturing dads add to the development of their child.

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A guide for professionals with interactive exercises for the dads they are working with.

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Great as a discussion starter or teaching tool, "What's It Like to Be a Father?!" are short conversations with musicians Tiki Taane, Warren Maxwell and Sean Donnelly about things like what it's like for them being dads, what's hard about it, what they love about it, how it impacts their relationship, what's the most important things about being a dad. These are 10 short video clips are humourous,  honest and informative.

We also have a limited number DVD packages of this. Until they run out, we can send a copy to people who work with families. Click to order.

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Our most comprehensive literature review of:

  • How Fathers Matter

  • What Fathers Need to Know

  • Towards Becoming More Father-Friendly

  • Services to Engage Fathers

78 pages, A4, free to download or print out - click here

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 4.07.11 PM.png

A literature review on what is known about Maori fathers,  funded by Great Fathers, Brainwave Trust Aotearoa and Mana Ririki. Free to download or print - click here

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Gender equity is a two way street - and men reconsidering traditional masculine warrior/provider roles and sharing and embracing the traditional feminine nurturing/homemaker roles. Free to read, download or print - click here.

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